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Why Is Wake Surfing So Popular

Why Is Wake Surfing So Popular?

Wake surfing has been increasing in popularity dramatically for the past several years. Whereas at one time, it was relatively unusual to see a wakesurfer in action, now you’re likely to see them on calm waterways everywhere. Why is wake surfing so popular? wake surfing is popular because it is an attractive alternative to traditional…

Insurance policy and policyholder must to sign.

How Much Is Bass Boat Insurance?

A bass boat can be a lot of fun, whether you want to use it primarily for fishing or also want to use it as an everyday cruiser or to tow water skiers or wakeboarders. Insurance is an important cost that must be factored in as you are considering the cost of bass boat ownership….

Can You Wakeboard on Lake Michigan?

Can You Wakeboard on Lake Michigan?

Wakeboarding is an exciting way to enjoy the many natural water features around us, including the charming and beautiful Lake Michigan. As one of the largest Great Lakes, Lake Michigan provides an amazing setting for a wide variety of water sports and recreation, including paddleboarding, water skiing, and wakeboarding. What Is Wakeboarding? For the beginning…

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Is Wakeboarding Harder Than Water Skiing?

Both wakeboarding and waterskiing involve being towed behind a boat and getting some air off of the boat wake. However, there are a lot of differences between these two sports, including the difficulty level.  Is wakeboarding harder than water skiing? Whether wakeboarding is harder than water skiing for you depends largely on your previous experience…

What Is the Best Water Trampoline to Buy?

What Is the Best Water Trampoline to Buy?

For many, including myself, water trampolines are one of the most fun parts of summer. Hot summer days on the lake are even more fun with a little bit of excitement. For adults and kids alike, water trampolines add an affordable thrill to a day on the water. The varying sizes, styles and materials of…

Boat Wrap Vs. Boat Paint

Boat Wrap Vs. Boat Paint: What’s the difference?

Boat wrap or boat paint, what differentiates them? Which is better? The only way to make an informed decision on which option best fits your needs is by understanding the difference between boat wraps and boat paint. While paints have been in use for quite a long time, boat wraps emerged in the ’80s, and…

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Easiest Wakeboard to Get Up On (Get one of these boards)

Wakeboarding has come a long way in a short time. While there’s some debate about the sport’s origins, we can thank the 1980s for its creation. You can enjoy the sport as a rider or a fan, thanks to groups like the World Wake Association tracking rankings and tournaments for both pros and beginners. Whether…